So, as you can see, the benefits of our approach are huge and in multiple levels:

- Saving the environment is inevitable—less waste means less pressure on our beautiful nature.

- Economical benefits—practically all lithium batteries are imported. If we can return batteries to working cycles instead of throwing them out, the whole economy can benefit from such reusing. It saves huge amounts of money we otherwise would need to spend. In other words, the money that would have been spent abroad stays at home.

- Social and behavioral benefits—once we show people that not all products must be necessarily ready to garbage once they show some signs of wear or failure, they learn important knowledge: "single-use" does not always need to be single-use. The product can successfully work and serve much longer than normal. That can help to cut down our "consuming lifestyle" that we get used to too much.

- Job market benefits—using batteries more than once requires some skills, experience and developing abilities. And workers. And all that will be done here, in Ireland. We do not outsource anything overseas. So, with reprocessing used batteries, we create new employment opportunities, improving skills and knowledge of workers, ready to bring value to the local job market.

- Small businesses no longer need to face the threat of blackouts and closing their offices, shops or stores during that time.

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