Ireland is a beautiful country. And it would be a shame to destroy it by toxic waste. Unfortunately, not all people are responsible and they don't bother with carrying old batteries to appropriate containers or collection points.

Many times, when a device becomes useless due to its own battery weakness or failure, it will stay unused in the garden shed or a corner for a long time, until the batteries really are useless. But, in those moments of the first sign of battery failure, they could potentially be saved!

Our main business purpose is to cut wasting these batteries. It takes time, it takes experience and skills but at the end, at least half of the cells from various devices with built-in batteries can be revitalised and reused for a different purpose—we call it 2nd life.

Let's go with one example: Electric scooter.

Electric scooters are small and very convenient transportation vehicles, powerful enough to carry one person quite quickly for many miles. They are easy to store, easy to carry, easy to recharge, and come at a reasonable price. One small disadvantage, though, is that most of them are built with non-replaceable batteries.

After some time of using these scooters, you realize that the distance the scooter can travel for on a single charge will drop significantly. Otherwise, your scooter may be unable to achieve the same performance as before—for example, it may struggle to climb hills or reach maximum speed. That is caused by the wearing down of the batteries. And, once performance drops below some reasonable limit, you cannot properly use it.

Manufacturers do not offer battery replacement. Of course, this is because making non-replaceable batteries brings more advantages to them and to the customer too than disadvantages—the scooter as a product is cheaper, smaller, lighter and has a better waterproof ability. So, they give you only one option: buy a new scooter.

And what about the old one? Well, you might be surprised about how many of these scooters are dumped into rivers, bushes, woods or just left, abandoned, in the garage or shed.

Only a very small portion of these scooters are thrown away in a proper manner—batteries and other electronic circuits should be removed and put into appropriate collection points. Only then can the rest of the scooter be placed into the general "recycling" garbage bin.

We are able to take the whole scooter (or similar device/vehicle with built-in battery) and process it according to all rules and requirements.

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