Production of uninterruptible power backup solution (UPBS)

As you are probably aware, each year the weather is getting worse and more wild. Global warming, you can say. No matter the reason, one indisputable effect is to national power grid and reliability of power supply. Especially in the west coastal areas of this island, once storms hit our homes, power outage is something common and unavoidable.

This has a severe impact on people and affected businesses. Your shop, office or pub is without electricity for many hours, sometimes even for days.

One of the usual solutions is to have petrol/diesel generators. But this solution has many disadvantages.

Firstly, once the main power supply goes off, it won't restart immediately. You have to manually start and switch your house, building or business to this alternative power supply.

Then, when the main grid power supplier reestablishes the supply, you have to go back to turn off the generator and switch it on again. This is neither cheap nor environmentally friendly.

One solution for this is to have a UPBS (Uninterruptible Power Backup System). Powered by lithium batteries, working automatically, maintenance-free. And you would be surprised at how cheap it is!

No more interrupted business, no more wasting food from fridges or freezers, no more smelly and noisy generators.

And, above all, you can cut down your monthly electricity bills! How? Well, our solution offers a unique feature: charging batteries from "night-saver" cheap electricity, and letting you use it during the day!

For more information please contact us for discussion of a solution customised for your own particular needs.

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