Production of new batteries.

Lithium batteries have many benefits, which outperform widely used lead-acid batteries. We will, very soon, start to produce our own brand of batteries based on lithium technology.

We have already developed some unique aspects, technology specialities and features which will make our batteries unique, competitive and very affordable.

Please keep up with us and soon we will bring more news about this.

Meanwhile, we are offering "new" batteries, created from carefully selected used cells.

That's what we call 2nd life and it has several benefits:
- Very competitive price
- Environmentally friendly
- Local economy and employment support

As these are made for specific customer needs, we do not have a particular price list, but there is one value, we can reveal: the price per kWh, which is somewhere between €100-€300 per kWh of this battery. (For comparison, brand new a lithium battery here in Ireland costs €500-€1100 per kWh depending on brand and quality)

Please contact us for further discussion of this and we are sure that we can build a battery for your particular needs.

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